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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


This is the proof for "Ghazals for Foley," (ISBN:978-0-9845398-7-1) the first print publication of HINCHAS Press. As you well know, HINCHAS Press is the imprint of Hinchas de Poesia (www.hinchasdepoesia.com), and well if you've been keeping score or reading my blog then you know what Hinchas is. I shouldn't have to explain that bit.

"Ghazals for Foley," (ISBN:978-0-9845398-7-1)

The money for this endeavor was supplied by a successful Kickstarter campaign (http://kck.st/1SJcJEg). We were able to raise $1,300 through the website. This publication represents months of fine tuning and wrong turns and awkward embraces. But, this is the book HINCHAS Press is going to cut it's teeth on.

The cover illustration is by Carlos Folgar, the brother of a life-long friend in Miami (Abelito), and this edition contains, "Compound Memorandum" which is the title of an illustrated short story that James Foley published via print-on-demand with HINCHAS Press (http://bit.ly/1PRxesf). But, "Ghazals" represents thrust, naivete, and reach on a whole new level for me and for the work I do through Hinchas.

In the next coupe of weeks, you will witness me pull my hair out as I contend with the logistics of sending books out to donors, contributors, and distributors. Stay tuned, it should be fun to watch me have to learn everything.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


This is the ad we took out in "Poets and Writers" to highlight our upcoming Diennial Prose Issue edited by Jamie Figueroa of the Institute of American Indian Arts. Please spread the word and submit!