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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hopefully, later this week I will interviewing P. Scott Cunningham, the proprietor of the University of Wynwood, and member of the Miami Poetry Collective. I thought of ten questions I would like to throw his way. Let me know what you think?

1.) Why is Miami the center of the poetry world? Why is Miami not the center of the poetry world?
2.) Given: Hialeah can birth mythical creatures. What mythical creatures can you attribute to Hialeah? What are their powers?
3.) Does Miami have it's own sound, in terms of poetry?
4.) What is the University of Wynwood? Why create a fake university to promote the written and spoken word in Miami? Are you saying that academia is a vacuous pit of make-believe?
5.) How much Spanglish should it be legal to use on a daily basis? On a literary basis? Why is the United States of America afraid of Spanglish?
6.) With the advent of e-books and readers, what might happen to Poetry? Does the current technology present opportunities for burgeoning poets?
7.) Why isn't there more Jai-Alai in literature? Can you think of any literary works that feature Jai-Alai? If you had to pit two literary figures in a Jai-Alai Death Match, what two figures would you like to see fight to their Jai-Alai death?
8.) If Campbell McGrath were to be exposed to large amounts of radiation, what literary monster would ensue? And, what cities would he destroy?
9.) In Personalism, Frank O'Hara says that writing a poem should be like making a telephone call. Are the poems that the Miami Poetry Collective creates once a month at its events like a transcript of a phone call (i.e., between recipient of poem and poet)?
10.) Do Miami poets write more about nature because nature is so prevalent in the landscape of the city? Why don't Miami poets write more about silicone breast implants, expensively-detailed automobiles, and designer bronzing lotions?


Biombo said...

Ha! Love question numero cinco! Should also add, do you need a license or permit to speak Spanglish?

Yaddy said...

Awesome questions, especially the one about Hialeah. Is this going to happen?