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Sunday, October 24, 2010


According to the confidential military reports published by WikiLeaks, from 2004 to 2009 there were 66,081 'civilians' killed during the U.S. Occupation of Iraq while there were only 23,984 'enemy(ies)' (those labeled as insurgents) that were killed.

One can draw all types of conclusions from these figures, namely, that three times the amount of civilians were killed in pursuit of insurgents, a.k.a. our enemies. Now take into account that restitution is offered to the families of civilians that are killed. Does it not stand to reason what we are losing as collateral damage in this occupation could be the very thing that we need to be successful. In other words, think about how many hearts and minds we could win over if we were just a little more careful with our trigger fingers.

I am not talking about mistakes made during war, something of which I know nothing about. I am talking about wholesale debasement of our soldiers, and the tarnish that accompanies our martial endeavors. In other words, we have outsourced our military ability to be precise and accurate by allowing mercenaries and contractual soldiers carte blanche to not follow the rules of engagement. To play devil's advocate, I haven't really offered any solutions, maybe because I don't think there are any solutions aside from the obvious one of disengagement and neglect.

Definitely a sticky widget but I, for one, as a patriotic, peace-loving American support the dangerous work that WikiLeaks is willing to do for the rest of us and salute the conscience of the dude that gave up this information and is sitting in the bottom of a brig, counting the lifetimes before parole.

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