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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


was hoping the totaled crimson Volvo
was going to toe down and shape up.

it had already shown regenerative properties
and i got to thinking the calaveras
could be remanded, that the somnambulant
water pump, the spark plug wires
shredded Carbonara, the spark plugs
themselves, carbonized as they were
past mechanical retribution
might still power she

was gwowing at the gaping in millimeters
exhibited by the spark plugs, the base jump
of chispa executed with dismal effort

was praying the narcoleptic oil drip
the caked-on and sooted hoses, the inside
lamp light fixture hanging apparatus
was never going to fit snugly back in the roof

Alas! despite proving partisan, she was slayed
in a manner reminiscent of Joan of Arc

her radiator, overheated from the blood
of the battle with pubis plus dank
cascabeles and castanets from the sopping
kerotene flame in the coolant pipe

Alas! she loyal herald shepherd
moon beam public radio selector fuses

she ran all day, every day
the check engine and replace light bulb
warning light ghosted into the console

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