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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


These are the images that you can download and use as your profile pic to generate awareness about the plight of journalists arrested and detained simply because they are doing their job and bringing to light abuses and civic injuries perpetrated by dictators and their beneficiaries. Without the important, balanced work of these journalists, dictators get to operate with impudence and turn on their own citizens.

The work of James Foley, Clare Gillis, Manu Brabo, and Anton Hammerl is an important function of Democracy. We can't fund dictatorships across the middle east, and then tell the citizens living under those conditions to be patient, that Democracy takes time. The work of these journalists highlights the important work Libyans from all walks of life are willing to fight and die for.

Please support their work and if you would like to apply pressure on behalf of James Foley, there are several things you can do.

1.) Sign the petition! (click here)

2.) you can write a letter to the mayor of Chicago, or Congressional reps asking them to push the State Department--Jimmy was a model Chicagoan and they can apply pressure too!Jimmy's been slugging it out in Chicago for several years, and taught at a boot camp for young offenders.

3.) Write Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) right now. She is one of Jimmy's senators. Write her office and advocate that she do something for him & the other journalists.

4.) Watch Jim's video on the Webby's awards page (click here), or on the Global Post website (click here).

5.) "Friend" and "Like" all the pages that appear in support of the four journalists, and monitor the situation, yourself. (click here)

This is a larger version of the image that was on here earlier.

This is a version that is best for web and similar devices.


buendiachica said...

nice work, son

Richard said...

Hey, I tried to upload as a profile pic on facebook, but received the following message.
"The image you tried to upload is too small. It needs to be at least 180 pixels wide. Please try again with a larger image."

Can you make it larger?

_________ said...

same issue as richard