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Monday, May 7, 2012


Gorpman called his company Quéseyo, Inc.
as testament to the fortune se atropello upon
first ear-hustling and later implementing the soft-
ware he now sold as telephony solutions.

Telephony solutions are the software that power phone numbers
to completely misunderstand everything you utter into the receiver.

Quéseyo, Inc. was publicly traded, but Gorpman
remained majority owner, and thus most vociferous booster;
but, he went to work every day, and drank a Scotch every night
from the deck of his contempo, eyeing the canopy of peon-lights.

Even Gorpman would call his bread-and-butter, mere Pseudo-Science
wrapped in assumptions, masticated by an Oracle of Mortar.

But, more and more, corporaciones want the Gringo Touch
and that means driving your clients to tears while prodding
them to engage ineffective voice recognition software
that won’t let you asterisk to a synchronous operator.

To play the Gringo Touch, obfuscate the operator in a call
center minaret doubling as a Walmart Congressional Franchise

Office: a forward-base in the hot province, a platform of
shiesty clans, a HQ in the world from which to launch
countless vessels of lop-sided, aggressive
enterprise and put them indelibly on hold.

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