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Sunday, October 14, 2012


Hi, my name is Yago Cura, and I am the publisher of Hinchas Press, and the founder of Hinchas de Poesia, the contemporary digital journal of Pan-American writing. I am here today to ask for your assistance in helping Hinchas Press publish Jim Heavily's Bringer of Culture. We reached out to BookMobile for a quote on the suggestion of elena minor, the editor of PALABRA, an amazing magazine out of Los Angeles.

This is Jim's first book, and our first printing. Our Arts Editor, Jennifer Therieau, has layed out Heavily's book in a format that is 5.5 inches wide x 8.5 inches high. The insides are pretty much standard, except that the cover has been nicely conjured by Jennifer's evocative graphic design acumen. The cover is a 4-color cover on 10 pt C1S/white stock with gloss layflat lamination, bleeds, prints one side only.

For 750 copies, Bookmobile's quote is $1,697.26, so let's just call it seventeen hundred or $1,700.00. Now, our kick starter project is asking for $2,000.00 is because we will have to snail mail contributors who donate more than $25.00 a copy of our premiere book. And despite the fact that I will try to get the lower printed matter rate, we imagine that it might take us $2.00 to send a book through the snail mail. Therefore, we can send at least 150 donors a copy of the book, but it will only take 80 people donating 25 for us to reach out $2,000.00 goal.

If we send 80 people a book and the postage is $2.00 then our mail costs shouldn't exceed $160.00, but as we have conscripted Jim to send any person who donates at least $10.00 a signed poem from Bringer of Culture. We imagine it would cost $.45 to send those donors their copy of a poem, and with $140 ($300-160) we could send approximately 311 donors a signed poem.

As you can see, we are just hoping to break even, or not have to dip into our retirement funds, savings accounts, and mattresses (if possible) to bring this wonderful book to light. Furthermore, by allowing Hinchas to publish Jim's book, we not only amplify the roster of American poetry, but we publish the first book of a poet whose time has come.

Please help us to achieve this feat and enter in the publishing racket. Without your help, many small presses like Hinchas will not be able to overcome operations costs and stay afloat or at least solvent. By helping Hinchas you ensure that a healthy cross-section of poetry is available to poets and writers and readers interested in the Pan-American writing.

Thank You

Yago Cura

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