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Thursday, October 15, 2015


Gran Nopal
--inspired by a painting by Raoul De la Sota with the same title

Mi nopalito stands before the Milky Way
barrel-chested, insolente en frente de los astros,
bien, bien en bloom, casi emplumado, adumbrated
past simple premonition.

Mi nopalito shadows astros disguised
as maniobras as we are mostly free-style animales
made stars with spines from our pads to our flanks,
stubby extremities and flippers.

Mi nopalito mucilaginous in texture, poised to inherit
purview procession of jaguars, monkeys, condors
effulgent ingénues clustered with the soot of la Via Láctea
garnered through eons of chest hectoring.

Mi nopalito, a pecho frio en las trincheras del tiempo y el espacio.
Mi nopalito,
a blip in the gullet of a radar telescope, a signature
from a prickly species, super-resistant to algorithms in vogue.
Mi nopalito, campeon pedestre, rey super feo, spinosissima.

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