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Friday, February 3, 2017


Was about to drive to Fatburger for pick-up lethargy (well-done)
when me steed clonks out and refuses to turn over, which
makes me think battery, but could also be alternator not
keeping the charge, or even the fecund distributor on that
grassy knoll of toil.

was about to call the cops when the madmad woman come in crying
blubbering about people laughing at her, so much so that my colleagues
cloistered her at a table to see if they could calm her down from
peal upon peal of laughter that kept zinging from her maw.

was asking administration buffoons to peter out and hold dome
for four solar lowrides past our immense Pelagic Blue marble
and now they want to hand revolvers out at pill call and skull
fuck orphans and collateral parcels from our illicit corporate darning.

was asking law school Augustines and loot-filled philistines
to sit down on the airport carpet and commandeer all the sockets
to R.P.G. motions down the gullets of our most scary platforms
and dockets and comprobantes and the sweat of fire hydrants.

was asking nationalists and Leninists to stop colluding
over the fiber(fiver)-optic cable dot com Rasputin.

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