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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Resolution for the Delineation of Function

My function has always been Defense.
from the time I could trot to the hardwood now.

One, because I am an Instep Ozymandias.

Two, because the Defense Function radiates
Romantic wishbone connotations of gallant

On the hardwood, I Othello versus Turks
like Babaka, the Wiley Scottsman,
Ken, Ibrahim, or Wesley Snipes.

For my Cyprus is clear, what is assailed—what is threatened
is the holy-rotten box, the silhouette of the goalie on full-on lurk.

To me, there is a violent shame that accompanies
letting a forward through your battlement when that forward
can intuit the parameters of your response.

To contain the box, minimize offensive telepathy
and feed the goalie so they can, in turn, feed our forward
driving pressure into their holy-rotten box.

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