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Friday, August 14, 2009


Page 01:
There once was a pirate named CHarlotte who was descended from a very good family of pirates. Charlotte's mother and father had both amassed great distinction as the best pirates in the south of Germany. Charlotte loved to eat fleischsalat and study astronomy with the dolphins and take care of her little brother, Oskar. Charlotte could speak with the seagulls so she never got lost at sea, and since she studied astronomy with the dolphins, they too helped her guide her craft.

Page 02:
One day while Charlotte was busy piloting a ship on the mighty sea, two bandits flew into town on a gigantic vogel. Charlotte's father knew both of these bandits personally, but Charlotte was not convinced. She kept an eye on them like the sun surveyed the sea. She decided to reserve judgement until they could prove themselves worthy of being part of her family.

Page 03:
All of a sudden, the bandit seemed to turn evil. He took Charlotte's blanket and used it to hide his face. Then he put on a red sombrero and took out two pistols from his suitcase and aimed them at Charlotte's father. Charlotte swooped down on a rope and stole the bandit's pistols using a technique that the seagulls had taught her.

Page 04:
Charlotte pointed the pistols at the bandit and fired, but only black pepper came out of the barrels. With a pirate's cry she yelled, "Pfeffershock" and the bandit started sneezing for like an hour. After, the bandit started sneezing uncontrollably, Charlotte's father cried, "Stop Charlotte, this bandit was only showing me his Pfeffershock pistols because he is an actor and in a production of Carmen, and just like you he is playing a soldier.

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