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Thursday, August 6, 2009


If we could express gratitude as a raw exponent
then we would compose thorough odometers of thanks
a cumulous quantity of adieus and nostalgic salutations
rampant thanks, vampires on the moon, grateful doubloons
of effusive we-are-blessed-to-know-a-contributor-like-you
a flea circus of appreciativeness, a dust bowl of thank yous

If we could stitch hymns into the seams of the beholden
then we could walk around immune to no small palaver
violins plugged into amplifiers, dogs coughing at the moon
indebted to you fugitive and furtive, lurkful thanks
of dromedaries on the plains of small glass blossoms
a caravan of glass-bottom obligesse, and a megaphone
that barks in waves.

both amplitude frequency and frequency modulation thank you
neither Goliath nor Golem nor Gargantuan No One nor Cyclops
knows the extent of our indebtedness, the gauge of our loiter
unchartered in temperament banners and lonely for the gristle
of non-stick, Teflon Tron Thank You Teleportation Vestibule,
paltry radio nadirs and troughs of thank, a tsunami of fidelity
a 50 story thank you encroaching on the unsuspecting coast.

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