A Spanglish blog dedicated to the works, ruminations, and mongrel pyrotechnics of Yago S. Cura, an Argentine-American poet, translator, publisher & futbol cretin. Yago publishes Hinchas de Poesia, an online literary journal, & is the sole proprietor of Hinchas Press.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Dos Crotos Culos Rotos is a new zine collaboration from Hinchas de Poesia Press. Abel Folgar and Yago S. Cura put it together with the help of many associates at Staples on OneTwoFive and Lenox Ave.

You can purchase it straight from Hinchas de Poesia Press for $5 by sending a check or money order to Hinchas de Poesia, 112 Odell Clark Place Apt. #5D, NYC, NY 10030. Hinchas de Poesia also have a paypal account, if that is easier. Their paypal account is connected through the i.d., croto26@yahoo.com.

Abel Folgar and Yago S. Cura have been collaborating on zines since their undergrad days at FIU when they ruled the blue tables. Other tidbits of note: both would be considered "bears" in the gay community, both have Lebanese ancestry, and both's parents are from Latin America.

Last but certainly not least, both are librarians and employed as such.

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