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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Now, what is a gaming event without the stories? For me, the World Cup is about the stories that have passed down about Futbol, but also about my relation to Futbol events I have witnessed.

For example, I was 11 going on 12 years old when Maradona scored his famous Hand of God goal against England in the second half of a mythological game. We had moved to Florida in 83, and had recently moved to Miami at the beginning of 86, after having lived in West Palm Beach. We lived in an apartment complex called Horizons West.

The fact that we did not commemorate the event with pictures is only testament to the domestic nature of the event, and even in retrospect I don't think pics do the memory service. I remember my father, Tecnico Narcisas, Horacio Alberto Cura, jumping up and down on the bed like a feral adolescent; I distinctly remember my sister and mother looking at my father with out mouths agape. This is the type of tomfoolery that an event like the World Cup will wring out of fathers.

He hooted, he hollered, and that day made a solemn promise. "If Argentina wins this mundial, I am going to shave my beard". And Argentina did win that mundial and my father, as promised, shaved his beard off. I swear he wore that victory, as an Argentine, for more than two years. And no one dared talk shit about Argentina for a while. We had not only won the World Cup, but we had given birth to the monster of Maradona.

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