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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The black Faustus, speed lotus, locomotive parapet.
In 96 F.I.F.A. names you sixth best player in the world.
And that was even a whole year before you were knighted
by the demi-gods of the Tyne for besting the 97 Barcelona squad.
Afro-Colombian wind engineer, a variable of lift en el Choco.
The fourth goal in that spanking Colombia gave Argentina
not unlike spankings unleashed on Parma via Newcastle.
Keegan grew as you were inflated, your Cochabamba lore
your humble origins polishing mother of pearl in conchs
the cimarrones slapping the floors in time to palenques.
Lastima Asprilla likes to bust caps and dust broads
in Cartagena, or spray automatic fire at guardposts
when your private platoons gets uppity stuffity.
The halls of private wealth are suffused
with serpentine auto-iniquity

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