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Friday, June 11, 2010


I spent the whole morning on ESPN 3 watching the game on the Internet. I minimized the tab and had my finger on my mouse pointing on the desktop, just in case my boss decided to barrel into my office. I was excited to see Mexico do it's thing, and see whether or not the host nation really has some pull. I think I read that the record for host nations involved in the first game of the World Cup is something like 14-0-5.

Even though I was rooting for Mexico, I do have to concede that the Republic of South Africa scored an amazing goal. Siphiwe Tshabalala received a pass and was off at full speed. He reached the penalty box and defined with a canon to the opposite pole of the goal being sentineled by Mexican goal keeper Perez. It was pretty amazing to watch and to think that the Cup is being played in South Africa is just bonkers, man, really.

France and Uruguay also played their hearts out to a nil-nil draw, which must be like the most frustrating thing in the world because that means there is no definition, the outcome is still shrouded in abstract variables, bleh!

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