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Saturday, June 12, 2010


So, the day started beautifully with South Korea unexpectedly beating Greece. You heard me...I said unexpectedly because my money was on the Greeks. I did not catch this game but I hear that South Korea played their hearts out and that they played a very physical game with a lot of "touch" or "toque". South Korea's goals were pretty amazing, anyone with the faculty of sight would have to admit.

The first one by Lee Jung Soo came off a corner kick, but the second one by Park Ji-Sung was a real banger because Ji-Sung ran it all the way into the goalie box himself and strafed it across the opposite post. The goal was a true sign of South Korea's virtuosity. Argentina better be careful because if they think they are going to get an easy win off South Korea they got another thing coming. (You can catch the highlights...here)

Then, I had to take my cats to the vet in Spanish Harlem, so I rushed over there in a gypsy cab and caught the first half there. Argentina played well is all I can muster because they controlled the ball for most of the game and allowed Nigeria to lull itself into a feeling of false relief. Nigeria played as if they were the ones up by one and came very close on maybe two shots to tie the score. Argentina though, either Nigeria's goalie is a superb and lithe monster or Argentina mucked up at least four attempts to get another point with another goal and shut out the Nigerians with a 2-0.

However, we have to give it up to Heinze. His goal is one of the best headers I have ever seen. I mean, to see it, Heinze rushes into the goalie box and imparts this kamikaze momentum on the ball that the keeper and defensive player can't keep their eyes on. The goal was masterful and it gives you a fuzzy feeling that it was Heinze because who can't use the positive publicity, right. But, really, Argentina needs to buy an Easter Island Totem head from Chile and dedicate it to Heinze for the goal that he juked from the Nigerians.

The hotly awaited/contested game between the U.S.A. and England lived up to it's hype, but I believe it has to be said that the futbol gods were smiling upon the U.S. And, I say that very affectionately (as in I was rooting for them). But, the goal that Green let slip out of his hands is going to haunt him the rest of life. I mean, Dempsey got a good slug on it; it seemed a little possessed and wily truth be told, but for it to bounce off the hands of a seasoned keeper like Green is an embarrassment.

Green did make up for it by tackling an amazing shot by Altidore that looked like it was going to sail in unencumbered. On the other hand, England's goal by Gerard was an unequivocal, pysch-out that caught everyone by surprise (even the aggressive Tim Howard). All in all, I believe that England played a better game; that does not take away from the good game that the U.S played for indeed they kept up their part of the bargain and played hard.

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