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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Sundays, I like to get up early and throw my hoodie on and walk to the 7-11 on Pico and Lincoln to get a.) Sunday LA Times b.) Krispy Kreme chocolate frosted doughnut c.) rampantly sweet coffee. There's no one on Pico except the crankheads that belong to CLARE and the joggers or bikers pushing past to get to the beach.

I like to read the paper and turn on my computer and see what kind of mischief the world has gotten itself into. Then, I like to take care of my water closet business preferably accompanied by the front page. This is followed by more computer and more reading. Then, around 10 I like to walk to Virginia Ave park and stretch out before the futbol starts.

Futbol on Sundays is the religion that I have adapted because of my secular, closed-minded beliefs about religion. For me, there is no better religion than the religion which makes you run after a ball for pure unadulterated fun. We chase the ball because it is round kind of thinking prevails for me most on Sundays. Maybe we chase the ball because we did that once for free, for no trophies or successful recipes, for pure deporte.

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