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Monday, August 9, 2010


Your company has a reputation for producing quality purses. That is what led me to purchase a Longchamp tote as my everyday purse. I am writing because, unforunately, I am disappointed with my Longchamp tote. I purchase the purse in May of 2010 and anticipated having the purse for a long time--at minimum a year. I have friends that have purchased Longchamp purses and have been able to use them for many years without complaint. However, after less than four months of normal use I am dissatisfied by the fact that the bottom corners of my Longchamp tote have become worn and frayed. I am open to any suggestions as to where I can repair my Longchamp tote, or as to whether Longchamp has a guarantee or warranty of their products as does Louis Vuitton, Coach, and other purse producers.