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Sunday, September 26, 2010


don't eff with white peoples or they will parody you to def
as ministers, aren't they administrators with a spastic zeal
for discretion?
aloof doodlers, Nature's way of saying idle torque
making Grecian speculations about art, aren't they about as
romantic as sleeping under the gigantic night of a hobo node
and calling it camping
like the concept of Deluxe is largesse avalanched to the tits
for the sake of making the mud crumble from the lips
of the ravines
sort of freeloading bomboclots of sobriety and cucumber cool

don't eff with white peoples or you'll never get that recipe
saber-tooth generalists the lot of them, or lobbyists of hobbies
physiques excite their ire, as do the idea of conventions,
clipboards, and transparent name tags
all sorts of appropriate volleys of unpronounceable, ethnic
last names
sieved by customs agents in handlebar moustaches shushing
the lubbers that have braved silent seas, enormous leagues
and the hatred of know-nothings.

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