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Friday, January 14, 2011


Hinchas de Poesia has to date published four issues. The stewardship of the journal has fallen to two principals, poet Yago Cura and fiction writer J. David Gonzalez. One of the hardest obstacles they have had to overcome is the organization and collection of submissions.

We advertise for free on the CRWOpps listserv which has a lot of traffic and many interesting opportunities for publishing. However, because we are pretty much a two man team, even a hundred submissions can be overwhelming. Lately, I have noticed that every journal or magazine that I submit to uses Submishmash, a manager of online submissions.

Submishmash offers many advantages. First, it organizes submissions. Second, it allows writers to save on the cost of a stamp. The number of journals that only accept snail mail submissions is dwindling to be sure. Third, it streamlines the process so that principals and editors have more time to consider the actual work. Fourth, the system automatically generates emails that it sends people that have submitted. Fifth, it keeps editors and principals honest by forcing them to read, process, and decide on which pieces they most want.

All in all, I think Hinchas hooking up with Submishmash is a win-win.


Tarl Kudrick said...

We're about to try it too. Should be interesting!

Tarl Kudrick said...

I realize now I should have said that "we" means "On The Premises" magazine (www.OnThePremises.com).