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Sunday, January 2, 2011


They did it without the use of lustrous vowels.
Or calculators. They could not interrogate electronics,
rely on transponders. They could not shoulder the locks
which pulley freight and cargo ships across the isthmus.

A word like "purple" must have sounded like consonantmash,
like gravel compote, pebble tapanade. I doubt whether Phoenicians
could even modulate the volume of their masticating for they
had little culture, outside of sea worship and ocean play.

They did it without timesheets or timeclocks, all those
types of clicking minute designs. They crafted Teflon
Origami from receipts of overseas orders and sliced through
several, sovereign Seaweed Seas.

They pulverized shellfish until goop oozed out dye and plumed
the robes of lieges and emirs. They had one flintlock-idea ballasted
by regional prowess and brute degree. And they ran with it. They ran
with it until an alphabet formed from the clamor of that commerce.

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