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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Why did we leave Argentina? Why did we leave Argentina?

We left Argentina because Argentina was going through political problems, and people began disappearing. We knew a lot of the people that had invested themselves, or were currently comprised and being monitored. We were probably being monitored as well. But, more than anything, we worked with the people in the shanty towns that needed the most help.

There was a person who directed, like the priest no buen moso, he was at the center of things. And then, there were the people who orchestrated us. Some were associated with the movements, and some were just sympathizers. They'd pass messages along by slipping pieces of paper under your door, so I guess they knew everyone's address, which was quite a feat back then. And, you never knew or expected the people that were compromised, just as much as you never expected the turncoats to be so brazen.

We left around the time of the Matanza de Trelew in 1972, where they had just gunned down 19 political pains-in-the-ass close to the Patagonia. Originally what had happened was that 25 political prisoners, probably the martyr vanguard of the Dirty War, had escaped from the Rawson Torture Campus in the province of Chubut. Six made it to Allende's Heaven of Socialism, but 19 were not able to dematerialize. Later, pacts were made with military leaders stipulating they would not be unharmed. They were (harmed). Repeatedly and with great gusto. With service revolvers at close range. Repeatedly. And with great gusto.

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