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Tuesday, December 11, 2012



El que tiene el mando es el que manda;

conversely, sin mando, uno no manda, ni man

do. No, el que no tiene mando are the mando-less

the nickel and dimed, hoodwinked and periwinkled

misbegotten and desarriesgados. She who holds the remote

control controls the command console on the programming,

commands channels of things to come, strong premonitions.

She who holds the structure of el mando manda astonishing

cleavages of anthems, makes things happen, stirs my tine of tenor.

El que tiene el mando es el que no tiene el no manda, entonces;

She who holds el mando manda, holds a turbo just outside thresh-

old of a prosthetic stylus, holds our task manager for ransom in

silent index technicians, holds binary repose.

She who has command nears command

Without possessing el mando.

El Mando son ojos Infra-rojos.

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