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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


It is with ginormous purple buckets of panache that we at Hinchas de Poesía (www.hinchasdepoesia.com) present to you, our faithful readers, issue number eight. Issue eight features our most eclectic amalgam of poems, reviews, and artifacts--all in service of Friday, Dec. 21, 2012, the last day on the Mayan calendar.

There's a couple of things you should know, a couple of emendations concerning our masthead. Our trusted Fiction Editor, J. David Gonzales stepped down so that he may concentrate on his thesis and focus on his transcontinental move from Miami to Los Angeles. We thank him for his service during Hinchas' formative years, and wish him nothing but the best as he crafts his first book.

Our old Poetry Editor, Jim Heavily, is our new Editor in Chief. Earlier this week, I personally asked Jim to become the Editor because his horsepower and gumption have far exceeded mine for several issues. Issue after issue, he has worked tirelessly, most of the times in an under-resourced capacity, to bring forth some very beautiful literature. It would be disingenuous of me to underestimate Jim Heavily's influence and acumen at work between the digital pages of Hinchas de Poesía.

Moreover, we now have a foreign correspondent, James Cervantes, a node in our network that know the terrain below the Rio Grande. James Cervantes was editor of Porch, a print journal, The Salt River Review, an online magazine, and is currently editing poetry for Sol, out of San Miguel de Allende. He has been publishing poetry in print since 1969 and almost exclusively online since 1997.

Last, recently we started a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough scratch to publish Jim Heavily's "The Bringer of Culture," all allow us to break our teeth in the publishing racket. We have been able to garner fifteen "backers" and plan on reaching our goal shortly before the cut off dates of January 2, 2013. If you would like to make a donation, or know of someone who might like to make a donation would you please pass this information along. Our kickstarter page is here: http://kck.st/TwzPM0

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