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Thursday, January 12, 2017


A Traag murdered by an Om is unbelievable
but Terr is a resourceful Om and he's learned
tested Traag tenets sobre food cubes and color powder.

Terr's hooked up with a wild Om, a serpentine
witch naturalist guide proxy leotard Om.

Terr's been forthcoming with his knowledge of Traag tenets
but of course the wild Oms stand resolute at not widening
their circle of influence and poor Terr

well poor Terr has to strap on the raptor worm and joust
with the naysayers, nitwits, and feral not necessarily wild Oms
just to prove he was simultaneously understanding the Traag tenets

Terr's Traag was learning from their cognitive grape diadems
how to be compassionate giants in snug spandex cuneiform uniforms.

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