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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Immigrants are the Real Problem in the U.S.!

Ain't that the truth! It's immigrants that are making everything difficult in this country. They sneak around using fake Social numbers and eat up the welfare silos and pop out babies by the truckloads, and then we have to give them citizenship.

They pollute our neighborhoods with their ethnic music(loud, always loud)and restaurants(spicy, always spicy)and their children are slow and refuse to speak English and join gangs and hang out on corners. Immigrants are a timebomb, and there is no fuse in sight.

The real problem in this country is that they pay Jose 7 dollars an hour to shuttle goods from NYC to Phila every day when they could be paying an interstate shipping agent triple that to shuttle the same goods. That's the real problem in the U.S.; that, someone is willing to pay a person cash(because they don't have a Social) instead of having to pay some middleman established by a hyper-capitalistic democratic gov't almost triple that and deal with the paperwork (taxes, etc)that that service will generate.

But my Gringo brethren, isn't that the whole point of Capitalism? Isn't maximizing profit and minimizing loss the credo that dominates our America. Why do we hate Jose; why do we demonize him and the millions like him within our borders? What is up with our fear of immigrants, even though, to be honest, immigrants are reviled throughout the world. Do we hate them because e know they are beneath us, because their status as illegals makes them easy to pick on? Do we hate immigrants because it is easy to bully them?

I implore you know to wake the fuck up. Immigrants are not the real probem in the U.S. In fact, like most countries, we are probably going to need more and more immigrants to fill cheap service jobs. Because the U.S. is a service-based country, it needs people to fill various levels or tiers of service functions. I wholeheartedly believe that if we get rid of the immigrants that are doing all the crappy jobs no one wants to do that isn't going to make our economy, patriotism, or standard of living any better.

The real drain on the economy at this moment is, obviously, the Iraqi Occupation. According to Martin Wolk, the chief economics correspondent for MSN, "the tab grows by at least $200 million each and every day." I don't think that any Jose or Maria or Ignacio or Rigoberto will ever drain that much from the economy.

If we are to take current estimates that there are approximately 12 million illegals in the country, they would have to generate (each and every one of them) $16, 667 dollars of revenue in one day to reach $200 million. Now, we all know that this is impossible because the usual wage for an illegal is probably between 4-7 dollars, depending on the state.

Even if each and every one of our immigrants toiled for 24 hours a day they could not generate that much loss in one day. Please, my beautiful countrymen, stop picking on immigrants; they are not the problem, they are the reason that we can spend $200 million a day to occupy a country almost three thousand miles away.

Really, no shit. I promise that this is what's happening right now. They are fucking with your heads and you are letting them, and they are winning because they know you are eating this shit up.

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