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Monday, October 15, 2007


Someone should agitate
that monkey so that monkey
has a better flavor
Someone should purge
the illicit districts
only to bestow a Medeco
Someone should stop
illegals from toiling
for less than minimum wage
Someone should after-
school children to ensure
the children don’t rob and steal
Someone should tell the super
the boiler’s broken, because
my hot water’s shiftless
Someone should call the city
and tell them the fire hydrant
has been on for weeks
Someone should tell the Red-
woods to move it or lose it
for they like to hog bosque
Someone should query
my congresswoman and
tell her I seek an audience
to solicit sectioneightcheddar
Someone should tell Columbians
to stop making such fine grade
cocaine and switch to maize
Someone should tell the Mexicans
this Manifest Destiny thing is coming
back to bite us in the culo
Someone should clean this mess up
before Mom gets home because
I’m going to Hot Wheels tonight
Someone should refrain from poking
the sad animals before they bare teeth
reel-to-reel an infinite hiss
Someone should tell these hoes
to back up from me for they are
invading my personal air space
Someone should tell the bad news
to the mongrels before they realize
the valves have been decapitated

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foul ball said...

nice one cabroncito, like Howl from the digi-out house