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Saturday, February 7, 2009


embossing god on savages
neber as fun as punishing
a shipwreck of a man
meaning the portal to the horse
scavenging chalices of tobacco
barrelitos of rum to keep dorsal
a sine loco foot print
meaning publisher unknown
dastardly fortification pantry
voyeur of the cannibal buffet
instead of enraged diocese taxman
shooting heathens down like dogs
as if he were arch-arch or super-uber
tubular like Max Headroom and DeLoreans
orphans in the shoals entice riptides
and savages survive to see pop's sprung
from the Providence, Inc pic-a-nic
delicious mutiny and the only pow-pow
left ward of an island wardened by dirigibles.

1 comment:

Jim said...

Never thought Defoe would dislodge two tubular rounds at les salvajes so as not to become a shrunken Max Hedroom, but if by political incorrecntess one escapes the cocked correctness, by teeth gnashed against the solitudes and those who perpetrate meaninglessness, then onward ganglia and split participals. Fuck em! Back on your game SON!