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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


1.) Do I include poetry books by Latino Poets in the References list? Do I only include them if they are mentioned in the exposition, i.e. the body of the meat of the paper?

2.) Furthermore, only include references in your References page that are mentioned in the body of the meat of the paper? You wouldn’t just list them to say that you had consulted them/looked into them, etc.?

3.) How do I go about analyzing the CUNY+catalog. I mean I would first do a subject search on the phrase, Latino Poetry,etc. Then I would note how many records are available in a particular catalog or CUNY-wide? Next, I manipulate the phrases and see if there are related words, keywords that might be used,etc.

4.) Would my research paper be considered more of a content analysis (the CUNY+ catalog) or a case study (are there materials enough for MFA students)?

5.) How in depth should I describe the essential parts of my argument, i.e. what is a Latino? What is a Latino Poet? What is the history of Brooklyn, Queens, or City MFA program?, etc.

6.) Where might problems with IRB arise? Will I need an exempted designation from them when the time comes because I am going to speak with CUNY administrators and librarians (well, those that will speak to me at least). Are there any pitfalls that you see with this project, and how do I avoid them?,etc.

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