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Friday, March 20, 2009


Thesis: Graduate Latino/a Creative Writing students at Hunter, City, Brooklyn, and Queens would greatly benefit from an increase in Latino Studies' books.

Statement: The numbers of Latino grad students at Hunter, Brooklyn, and Queens has been decreasing steadily since 2005; the numbers of Latino grad students at City has increased slightly since 2005.

Statement: Hunter's catalog contains higher numbers of titles suggested by Resources for College Libraries under Latino Studies; this may have to do with the impact of the Centro PR Archive housed at Hunter.

Statement: There might be an ancillary interest in funding the Dominican Archive at City, especially if the numbers of Latina/o graduate students has increased while it had decreased at the other three schools.

Statement: Latino writers, especially those investing in an education on the craft, require repeated interaction with titles written by Latinas/os so that they may more easily join in the dialogue present in the diaspora.

Statement: A library focusing on one aspect of the Latino Diaspora (i.e. just carrying Chicano or Puerto Rican poetry) can not say it has adequately represented Latinas/os.

Statement: Artisans of the word should be able to consult the bounty of books produced by any community.

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