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Friday, May 15, 2009


The rainfall of Assyria is slight
as the fingers that push the seed

But its crankshaft erupts at micron level
plumes of granite come bubbling froth

So, the angels flicker their sickles
And bare their jagged little teeth

The earth burps fango and mud huts
The fauna with slicked-back, douchebag hair

Dogs and pestilence shackle the exurbs
pirates set up camp in the ravines

Scribes lobby their overlord rectors
to get this language thing right

Protesting on the ziggurat perhaps
was not the most deft way to halt the asp

But the Assyrian rain is slight indeed
the caravan traffic heaves, but is not

scared of losing the potentates inside
the palanquins, their cargo old senators.


Andre said...
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Andre said...

Herotodus ... the so-called first historian. I like your contrasting images here of modernism (in your word use -- crankshaft and micron) and ancient civilizations (Babylon) somewhat melting together -- it produces a deamlike quality so the reader ponders both today and doomed cities, burgeoning cultures and the reality of the present and how it is formed. The structure of the poem almost has a Dylan Thomas similarity, but the diction is all your own. Great stuff! The last couplet is interesting and difficult and leaves the reader wondering exactly what the poem is about ... which is a good thing. Exegesis should be different for everyone.