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Sunday, May 10, 2009


I go to school at Queens College, which is the most diverse county in the country, and I work at Bronx Community College in the poorest county in the country. Always the difference is jarring, sometimes violently so. It's like I am constantly learning the theory in the first world and conducting the praxis in the third world.

This report delineates a single weeding event that transpired in the academic library of Bronx Community College/C.U.N.Y. The college's zip code was used to narrow the domain of relevancy for the population. According to the 2000 Census, there were 76,775 denizens in the zip code, 10453. Of those 76, 775 denizens, fully 49, 037 were 18 and over, meaning of college-age; this means that in 2000 fully 63% of the population in zip code 10453 were college-age. However, by 2008, the "Total Undergraduate Enrollment" at Bronx College peaked at 9, 117.

Now it would be foolish to believe that all college-age people in zip code 10453 would choose to attend Bronx CC, and it undermines achievers who may have astonishing academic records and could have gotten into one of the more rigorous C.U.N.Y. senior colleges like Baruch or Brooklyn. But, Bronx CC is well known in the area and has a reputation for being a jumping-off point for students in the area.

In addition, the campus is on the grounds of the old N.Y.U. Science satellite campus and is quite beautiful. In addition, ground has been broken on the construction of a new library that will integrate the Learning Resource Center and the collection housed in Meister Hall.

The good news is that undergraduate enrollment has steadily been increasing since 2004 when the figure was 8, 367. So in four years, Bronx CC has increased enrollment by 750 total students. The student body is primarily Hispanic which makes sense becuase in 2000 there were 46, 041 Hispanic denizens in zip code, 10453, or roughly 60% of the residents. The campus is in many ways situated in the heart of the Bronx.

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