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Monday, January 25, 2010


The second issue of "Hinchas de Poesia" can now be found online. The second issue, which was edited by Yago Cura and J. David Gonzalez, contains the poetry of Tomaz Salamun, Nick Vagnoni, Stephen Page, Nathaniel S. Rounds, T.C. Casella, Kane X. Faucher, Jess Del Balzo, Sarah Hall, Rachelle Linda Escamilla, Allene Nichols, and Guillermo Castro.

In addition, in this issue we have an interview with P. Scott Cunningham (president of the University of Wynwood and Miami Poetry Collective member, alongside Nick Vagnoni)and the strange but delectable fiction of Larry Lefkowitz. Last, we have the photography of Michelle Cura and Eric Pearse-Chavez, two photographers from Brooklyn, whose work is just stellar.

Please check out the issue. Hopefully, you will see that our lame-ass html abilities are a little more refined, and that the pages which display our content are a little more user-friendly. I would love to hear any and all feedback that my readers might have for Hinchas, and I thank you in advance for reading...

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