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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Messiah of heeling it in, progenitor of the Cruyff turn,
Di Stéfano built the house of Real Madrid in the 50's
after having bricked the shit out of the porteño leagues.
Even though he is perpetually among the best four fútbolistas
of 20th Century, that the other three fall over themselves
praising you only means you are also an ancient, humble twat.
Real Madrid named one of its stadiums after you and
surely have some creepy shit planned with your ashes.
The Blond Arrow, as if you were some character in Action
Comics, like the Fútbol Phantom, swimming up the Amazon
with paddle feet, and fighting jungle crime & overdevelopment.
I guess your signature move is that comb over joint where the
defenseman is lost, straight after they lunge for the ball or
maybe one of those hell passes you pulled out of your ass.

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