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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Secret cave bases are bases drawn by bored boys; they have swivel chambers of profuse firepower and helicopter landing pads and machine gun turrets.

Moreover, these illustrations proved to be like blueprints for the most personal space a young boy could conjure. I knew some boys that had whole notebooks of secret cave bases, organized by date, class, and service.

What a shame that these bases were not a part of my living biology. Like, the villains in James Bond movies (and some arch rivals) lived in sweet secret cave bases. You know the SPECTRE bunch, agent Emilio Largo and his henchmen iterations.

The point of a secret cave base is the allocation of uninviting space. The secret cave base is either camoflauged or craggy, anything that does not invite snoopers, foxy naturalists and/or octogenarian gadget mavens.

Also, there should be a large amount of non-union mercenaries in jumpsuits milling about, guarding the entrance haphazardly, oiling their warheads.


Anonymous said...

Ewan Nowatodigno loves Cave Bases!

Yago said...


Cristy M. said...

We girls had dreams of lofty "No Boys" club houses sort of like the one on The Brady Bunch, but only because The Brady Bunch ran in syndication for HOURS during the summer day television schedule on UHF. Some of us had included intricate tea set/table designs along with our own wardrobe rooms that would shame Queen Elizabeth I's by comparison. Few of us girls (but a noteworthy few, nonetheless) included in said design specs and blueprints a kind of "Danger Room" of sorts wherein we could "play" with our superpowers without wreaking senseless havoc upon our communities. Not all of our superpowers were as light and rockin' as Jem's, you know. Some of us could do real damage.

No, boys were NOT allowed. That is, unless they had purple hair or wore Samurai outfits.