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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Cables get read by your eyes only type
dudes, but the Miniskirt Ministries enjoy dossiers
housed in calf-skin vacuumed minutes.

Confidential dozens cloud the secretariat
but the firm's switches are at the control
of knowledge dullards on opposing sides
of a wormhole.

An open source Trojan horse rifles through
desktop landscapes, peeping at the poker
hands of analysts, pilfering elections
from councils that can photocopy your shadow.

Looking more infiltration than honey-pot
malovolent computers first axe basic entity
then memory specs followed by revenant regiment.

And, now a true test for battery acid amendments
for the doctrine mongers who sell us short, the spectacular
incumbents: a daft, silver-haired Swede, unafraid

to delineate the contours of what collateral damage
looks like outside the foreground of the recorded.

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Anonymous said...

pretty sweet amore!