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Friday, April 3, 2009


You want to know the vocabulary
because the way stuff is organized
you might never stumble upon
Japan as a panther of currents
or protocols for sheep brooking
deep inside Waziristan
The vocabulary is got chords
that like to strike the jealous
proprietors, those that hold on
lovely, coccoon jacket and the messiah
of much dimmer number crunchers
Rules is the robots that churn
the future of turbo, receipts
soft targets, and a brand new stadium
in the maw of the old stadium
Everything goes back to the namers
whack jobs with dictionary predelictions
jotting down the way the terms pony their deal
to the uninitiated bootleg swipe idiot
When you go to a time before namers
the sheer index of what knows to know
is beyond writing larger numbers for sport
When you go to a time before namers
the need to know softens ripe ayatollahs
is beyond the concept of hells and exurbias

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