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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Cell phone charger, check, ipod
synchornization chord, check, eticket
print out orgami, check, plastic
bag cumulous system, check, chewing
gum rubble (now with Xylitol), check
security slippers, check, trove of
nickels and dime, check, driver's
license science fair posterboard,
check, hairdryers and leaf blowers,
check, professors of talk your ear off,
check, distraction tome and codex
flotsam, check, boarding pass sudoku,
check, loading zone gaze, check
shoestring maelstrom, check, metal
detector wand, check, liquids more
than 3 ozs in ziplock, check, aspirins
in pill terrariums, check, toothpaste
plastic explosives, check, Klingon lozenges
check, babies that pterodactyl shrill, check
milfs in hoochie yeans, check, baby stroller
aircraft carrier, check, thesis satchel, check
accordion folder with velcro latch, check
labtop battery surplus, check, bootleg DVD
mediagraphy, check, Headphonesausaurus, check
digital optomological interface (10.0 megapixels),
check, Kalishnakov vibrating tooth shearer, check


Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm here in Ravensburg with Jurgen, Yvonne, Lotte and Oskar. We are basking in the memories of UMass and taking on the beautiful views of the countryside below. Wish you could be here, hope you are doing fine, Jurgen sazs, and the German lion will be getting facebook shortly, like in 5 mins. So friend him son!

J E Molinas said...

fididas, check!