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Monday, April 6, 2009


The Galley Boy at Swenson's
hamburger jerk rattling off
the 17 milk shake flavors
The Peanut Butter custard
at Stoddard's and the XXL
shirts with old lettering
The heathens of Ravenna
with their backwards ways
and their yokel hovels
The death of four students
embossed in the parking lot
with mystery cairns and quartz
headstones of ire yore
The CAK is a godsend
because it makes sure
we don't have to Cleveland
Darlene, the lonesome social
worker, in her milieau
at the heard-it-all-before
Robinson Hospital
And the friend of friends
shape shifted and converted
by ions of radiation
little chemo waves
that destroy the body
into reckoning.

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