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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


In this installment of "Secret Cave Bases" we will discuss submerged lairs, subterranean cave bases, and underground bivouacs. These most secret of the secret cave bases are special because their proprietors have placed an emphasis on location, location, and location. Now, submerged lairs can take the form of nuclear war bunkers, drainage and sewer defunct control rooms, and underground bivouacs. Let me give you some examples of submerged lairs. For example, the bunker that the gun-toting couple in "Tremors" own is an example, so is the super cool bunker that Christian Slater had in "Gleaming the Cube," although these sites were not used for the evil and malfeasance that secret cave bases are intended for. Usually, the secret cave bases that are designated as submerged lairs usually have an apocalyptic tinge to them so they usually have cans of peachers, pears, boxes of chocolate bars, and possibly even M.R.E.s (Meals Read to Eat). Also, ammunition is in abundance and are tarps, ropes, and canteens (both to hold water and gasoline). Now, depending on the species of secret cave base, there might be missile guidance or radar control system but submerged lairs are a little more on the raw side. By far, the most famous submerged lair or super secret cave base is Bruce Wayne's Batman Locker. From this spot, Bruce can monitor the city, route bad guys from their holes, and keep Gotham safe. Another famous person that totally has a super secret cave base and uses it to his advantage it Osama Bin Laden. His secret cave base is so secret that not even drones, interceptors, or manless reconaissance vultures can not find him. Now that I think about it, Osama Bin Laden and Bruce Wayne have many things in common: both are from affluent families, both have super secret cave bases, and both know how to manipulate and utilize the media.


barfer said...

all right o.k. but what about secret moon bases.what are they like,professor.

Spicaro said...

oh man, secret cave bases on the moon are my next post. i have to resee moonraker, right? do you know of any other movies with secrete cave bases on the moon?

Cristy M. said...

God, Christian Slater's hideout in Gleaming the Cube really is super-cool. Good call.