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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


1. games last five minutes, or the first team to score two goals.
2. you must be within the black three point line to score a goal.
3. you are not allowed to kick higher than the chest.
4. in the spirit of civility, every game shall start at the midfield point in the center of the court.
5. no team can stay on after three wins; that is, two new teams must come on.
6. tackle sliding is not permitted.
7 as a a safety measure, if someone falls on the floor, play is automatically suspended.
8. kicking the ball while you are on the floor is not permitted.
9. goalie must stand in front of the black perimeter line.
10. no reckless kicking, elbowing, or body checking allowed.
11. everybody, regardless of gender or skill, gets to play.
12. the person holding the watch decides contested goals.
13. the person holding the watch must be watching the game.
14. players must call fouls themselves, and every call must be respected.
15. The moderator, Jorge, has the authority to expel a player based on especially egregious instances of poor sportmanship, or repeated infractions, especially as they pertain to the safety of all the players.

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Jim said...

no taking your balon and going home unless you are a sri lanki/senegalese ninja level five