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Monday, February 15, 2010


These are two illustrations done by a young lad called Chaz Folgar. He ponied up two illustrations for a new codex I want to put out that contains a short story by James Foley. I think the illustrations do the story service, moreover, I hear that Chaz used coffee or coffee grounds to give it that like desertstone, mudhut patina.

I just wanted to share these with my readers and to create some hype for James Foley's "Compound Memorandum," which I am currently working on trying to publish through Hinchas de Poesia Press. In case you didn't know, James Foley is an independent journalist currently embedded with American military forces in Afghanistan.

I believe James' story has to be heard because it is a story you don't hear very much. James story takes place in a compound in Baghdad used to house non-military personnel. His character is an American working for an NGO in Iraq that falls for a woman who doesn't necessarily fall for him. Moroever, it tells the story of what it is like to be confined to a compound.

I will keep you guys posted, pero at the same time you can check James out on my links list. His blog is called "A World of Troubels" and can be found here.

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Jim said...


Big ups on Chaz's illustrations! Brilliant...

And thanks for the promo yung son, let's get this going!