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Thursday, June 4, 2009


From the 10th of July to the 23rd we are honeymooning in Berlin. Neither Panda nor I speak German or ever have expressed a specific fetish for Teutonic things, however, Berlin's reputation as one of the capitals of Europe and one of the least expensive cities to visit swayed us immensely. Friends have been emailing and writing to advise us on things to do in Berlin. And I have signed up with www.livemcocha.com to learn German.

If you have any suggestions or advice on seeing the city please let them be known. We are mapping this thing out one sine loco moment at a time and would love to visit a friend that's about five hours from Berlin by train. We plan on seeing museums of the standard variety, but are not averse to seeing kooky, zany, zeitgeist kind of museums, halls, scriptoriums, torture chambers, and donnerkabob shacks that are out of the way. And we are definitely going to hit up the east side of Berlin to check out all the abandoned concrete confectionnary.

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