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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Panda's best friend has her own lexicon.
Like a budgie is a purse.
A, Ho Ah!, is a hello.
Ganders are skinny legs.
And to sail someone is to serve them.
To serve them is to promote order.
And your cause is lost if your ship has sailed.
Except you say it, saaaaghiiiiiillllll!
And she has this cat that we call Josefiend.
That cat is touched-by-an-angel-curious.
Just always up in the bidness at hand--
Yellow construction hat and string of pearls.
On the train, one is to get takers.
Those takers are the voyeurs we clench.
And we clench whenever, however,
we clench when it suits pursuits.
For example, the Fratellis of the world,
the Ms. Ola's, they think they can clench
our sugars from our mouths, our joyous peals.
We put them in our budgies and flush.
We sail them with extreme prejudice!

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